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CHZ127-1J Data Concentrator
CHZ127-1J data concentrator which forms part of a remote management system with automatic meter reading through power line communication (PLC) or RF mesh, communicating with the system via GPRS or Ethernet. The concentrator is the intelligent monitoring terminal for transformer backend distribution network monitoring.
◆ The data transmission is in accordance with DLMS/COSEM protocol.
◆ Support various PLC solutions like G3/Prime/S-FSK.
◆ Support multi-interface communication, one RS232 interface, two RS485 interfaces, one infrared interface, one RJ45 interface, one GPRS communication module, and one PLC communication module.
◆ Support automatic supplementary meter reading function, concentrator will automatically read the data which don’t read in the specified time.
◆ Support data management function, concentrator can store daily freezing data, freezing data monthly, freezing data of meter reading days,24 energy data on the hour of 10 days for 10 key users and events log.
◆ Support convenient maintenance function, local parameters can be set through infrared interface, program update, program backup, parameters set and parameter backup can be achieved by USB.
◆ Support remote firmware upgrade function,concentrator can be upgraded by GPRS network or HTTP.

Main Technical Parameter:
Rated voltage3x220/380V~240/415V
Operating voltage range90%Un~110%Un
Rated frequency50Hz,60Hz
Power consumptionVoltage circuit ≤10W/30VA
Working temperature-40℃ to +70℃
HousingIP54 indoor
◆ Wiring diagram:Smart Terminal manufacturers


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